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As of October 2021 I am no longer delivering the Freedom Programme. I will be transitioning to a new programme VOICE (Victims of Intimate Coercive Experience) that I have co-created with my colleagues, Clare Walker, Lyn Harris and Cathy Press.

The programme is scheduled to be piloted in October 2021 and officially launched January 2022!

Participants - Voice is a packed programme which will be delivered to participants over 10 weeks with each session lasting approximately 2 hours. The content of the programme will give victims and survivors a greater level of understand of the dynamics of domestic abuse and coercive control and the impact of traumatic experiences. The course also covers family court and latest legislation, grounding techniques and self-care.

Facilitators – Voice is written and designed to help you deliver a greater level of awareness and understanding to your participants. The course has been co-created with victims and survivors who fed back to us what they want from a programme. It is also written with a great level of understanding of domestic abuse and coercion by experts by experience. This training will be delivered over 3 days. (Dates and price below)

Please see further information on the VOICE section of the website (this will be updated soon)

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Women’s Support Group

Any woman over the age of 16 is welcome to attend. The programme is for 12 weeks, each session is 90 minutes with an additional 30 minute comfort break. It is a rolling programme, so that women can miss a session and do it later, when they are ready.

Attendance is Free.

The Freedom Programme

The Freedom Programme can have a powerful impact in changing people from victims to survivors. We already know that a victim won’t apply the Freedom Programme to their own past or present unless it is the right time on that person’s life journey to do so.

For more information contact: Rachel.Williams@sutda.org

  • Learn about healthy and unhealthy relationships

  • Learn about traits, personas and warning signs of abuse

  • Help and support for safety planning

  • Gain support from experts and other women

  • Range of resources, advice and information

  • Refreshments provided

Rachel Williams, who was attacked by her estranged husband, helped give Vicki a lifeline

'Husband made me scrub floor with toothbrush in lockdown domestic violence hell' 

The Mirror has recently covered domestic abuse, Covid, the 8 stage homicide timeline, Counting Dead Women and the amazing Freedom Programme.
The article shares survivor voices who have bravely told their stories about FP and leaving an abuser during lockdown.

Member Feedback

"I'd never heard of the Freedom Programme before Dec/Jan & so had never realised there was something out there that could help explain my experience within an abusive relationship...I knew elements of the relationship were not right (gut feeling!) but I hadn't ever had the resolution that the whole thing was abusive. Anyhow point being it just kind of popped up, and rather flippantly I decided I'd see where it took me, I am truly grateful for it, I’ve found it cathartic, enlightening, triggering & empowering. Thank you for using your own horrendous experience to help other women & educate across the board, we've all said it but you are inspirational... I love your courage and determination, if we could all bottle a little of "Rachel" I think we'd all fly.

You said something on Monday which I hadn't wanted to hear until then, or heard but not heeded! And that was that as survivors we have such strength & a skill set that is relatively incomparable in daily life, & although we are part of 'club' we really would rather not part of, we can literally channel that & do anything we want to moving forward (or at least that's the way i took it!) & also simply that the 'shame is on them' not us...I felt surprisingly emotional in hearing these two things & obviously was ready to hear it!

I've felt a real gear shift in my mental state since Monday, I feel that although I still have work to do on myself, I also feel 'free' & validated...for the first time in 14 years."

"Cannot recommend the presenter enough. She was extremely empathic, warm, compassionate and engaging towards all people who took part in this training. I have come away with a wealth of knowledge that I did not know beforehand. The presenter ‘held’ us at all times, which was quite a feat as there was a lot of us!"

"Loved the sessions start to finish"

"No, Rachel and Natalie created a safe, welcoming, informative and very relaxed space to listen, learn and reflect"

"Wouldn't change it at all. Its was really good & everyone had a chance to talk about their own experiences & Rachel always gave out really good advice"

"It was so helpful to have online - I knew for a few years this would be something worth doing but couldn't take time off work easily and childcare would've been difficult. I was able to rearrange my days to attend after the school run and I'm so thankful I did and now recommending to all families and young people I work with as well as sharing with friends how helpful it has been, thank you"

"It saved my life!"

"Nothing could be improved. Rachel had everything covered. She is a very personable and compassionate individual with endless knowledge of all types of domestic abuse. Helped me understand the common patterns of behaviour exhibited by the dominator and made me realise this was outside of my control / influence. I now have a support network which is an absolute god send and I cannot thank her enough for her time and support"

"I think the delivery was great, Rachel is very engaging. There were no technical issues, the format was easy to follow/read and the video clips were good. We were given as much time as we needed to discuss our own difficulties if we wanted to. It was really helpful to be able to talk freely and relate to others and support others"

"I cannot really recommend any improvements, I think it was perfect, including the material itself, Rachel's delivery, safe and fun atmosphere during the sessions as well as support between sessions via FB and WhatsApp groups. The Zoom sessions were ideal venue. As a working mum of 3 children, I would find it impossible to attend the programme in person. The programme has been very inspiring and empowering. I really appreciate being given the opportunity to participate"

"Not at all. Rachel and Natalie were amazing! They made me feel safe and understood for the first time. I honestly do not think I would have been able to move forward without this. Thank you!"

"It was amazing and I felt so comfortable almost immediately after starting the course, after being so nervous about starting. Rachel is so down to earth and knowledgeable. Happy to answer questions if you want clarity on a situation."

"I do not feel anything needs improving. This programme is AMAZING! Rachel is an inspiration, the knowledge, care, compassion, and passion that has been provided for all the women including myself was just breath-taking. It was like a little community and we all understood each other. Non-judgemental attitudes and support in every session made it a comfortable course to attend, and also some humour was added which is great! Considering the covid circumstance and this course being delivered online I feel Rachel has absolutely smashed it. (I know this box is for improvements and I have none but I want to just say how fabulous the course is and how much of an inspiration Rachel has been) Best thing I have ever done. Thank you soooooo much!! x"

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    For more information about the Freedom Programme see www.freedomprogramme.co.uk

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